My approach is to adapt what I know and what I do, as an engineer, to the requirements and visions of the artist and the producer. The balance of engineering and production that work in harmony with each other is very important in my sessions. I enjoy interacting and collaborating with producers and artists of any genre, to achieve the most competitive product possible. I love recording a live concert or an ensemble of musicians in a recording studio. I’m always happy to support artists who wish to produce themselves by coordinating their sessions and advising them on the best choices of studio, location, and equipment for their projects. My experience with various studio environments and technical specifications enables me to do this for you.
Are you as passionate about your music as I am about mixing your songs? If so send me your songs, we can both explore the potential of your dreams for your project. I would love to learn more about your project and discuss in detail with you which market you want your mixes to be targeted towards. Working as a team, we can achieve our goal of creating a great mix for your music. Just send your song files via mail (FedEx etc) or upload it on my FTP server. Get a one song abbreviated test-mix for free. The first full mix will be uploaded to my FTP server, where you can then download it for critiquing. We will then correspond by email or phone with your updates and suggestions until the song is mixed to your satisfaction. Upon completion, your mix is immediately ready for download to whomever you specify, the mastering facility, duplication facility, etc. Of course, I will be happy to send you a hard copy as well.
I’m an adjunct instructor at Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at NYU, and I’ve been teaching three courses there since 2005. Having the opportunity pass on my experience and knowledge to the next generation of recording engineers and producers is so rewarding. If it’s in your heart to achieve a higher degree of knowledge of recording engineering, operating Protools and music production, I offer a one-on-one training service custom tailored to your needs at your project studio or mine, or using peer to peer via the Internet.

I will listen to your mix and analyze what is needed, setting a plan for where it needs to be. My goal is to Master your music to the highest possible fidelity so that it stands out from the crowd and sounds the way you intended it to sound... "Clean, Clear, Crisp, Loud and Punchy!" If you are doing a complete album with me, I ‘ll take it one step further and make sure that every song sounds consistent to the others. After each song is mastered, I’ll then listen as a whole to the album and make critical adjustments so that no song is louder or lower than the rest. Care is taken to assure a consistent sounding CD. I’ll also will handle all of the editing, song fades, trimming and spacing between songs, as requested. The bottom line is your CD will be ready for duplication, radio play or club spins. Nothing else will be needed to be done. I’ll get you the sound you hear on the radio, played in the clubs and sold in the stores...Guaranteed! I'm happy to master one of your tracks at no cost to give you a sense of what my service can do for your music. My goal is to make sure the mixes you've worked hard to perfect receive the best possible presentation for your listeners, and I won't accept payment until you are completely satisfied with my work.

As a producer, my eyes, ears and project studio are always open for the next generation of talented musicians rising to stardom and energizing the world with their music. I’d love to hear what you’re doing. Email your project to me and please give me a little background about you (and/or band), i.e. where you are from, how many band members, who writes, and ultimately what you want to do with your music. I’ll email you back with instructions on how to upload music to me. I will give it a listen and I will email you back ASAP.
Please feel free to contact me to discuss any aspect of the services I have outlined above in detail.

Rod Hui